Why? What for? Whereto?


Dear business-friends!

Regarding to extraordinary career paths, often there is not enough time to reflect the own, personal way. Doubts, questions or exhaustion can develop. To get the clear view again, don't hesitate to use an external support. No matter whether you think about a new professional orientation, the meaningfulness of your career, job loss or in this respect fears, I stand at your disposal!

Kind Regards,

Jutta Strauss



Divorces, serious illness, and other critical situations can throw us off course. I will accompany you on this tough way. Sometimes we need support from the outside to reactive the own power again. 



Stagepeople (nevertheless whether they are on real stages or on virtual) live in a tough contrast between their roles and the personal life. To change between these roles takes courage and disipline. To stay on an authentical way I accompany you on your career path. Expert in the field of anxienty, depression, stage fright and more.