Clients and Market Sectors 


Our clients come in all shapes and sizes – from medium-sized, owner-managed and family firms to large-scale multinationals – in the following sectors:

Life Science
Services and more

Typical positions filled at national and international level:

  • Chief Executive Officer, medical technology company    (United States)
  • Chief Financial Officer, international automobile manufacturer
  • Human Resources Management in all levels
  • Research Director, international chemical company
  • Administrative Director, hospital group
  • Business Unit Leader/ Sales Manager/ Marketing Manager (national/international)
  • Director of Corporate Affairs
  • Regional Director
  • Product and Brand Manager
  • Corporate Affairs Leiter
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Logistikspecialists
  • Regionalleiter
  • Product and Brand Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Medical Advisor
  • Key Account Manager, set-up of new regions/niche markets
  • Various specialist functions